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Within the framework of its SEO services, Sytadelle proposes to improve your natural referencing on Google and other search engines thanks to various action levers. If you have a website but you feel that the audience is not there or simply not qualified enough to make conversions, Sytadelle can help you improve the positioning of your company in the results pages of Google and others.
To optimize your website and ultimately its positioning and natural referencing on Google and other search engines, calling on an IT services company expert in referencing and digital marketing such as Sytadelle has many advantages, both in terms of costs, time and resources made available (developers, product owners or marketing managers). The work on the natural referencing of a website requires indeed a lot of human and financial investments.
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Why call upon a natural referencing specialist?

It is a long process to undertake but beneficial in the long run for the exposure of your website, especially if it works only through the digital channel or if the latter plays a central role in the overall business strategy of your company. Having the guarantee of an optimized website that complies with SEO rules allows you to bemore visible on search engines such as Google or Bing, and therefore to be more often visited by a qualified audience if the strategy initially set up is the right one (relevant keyword research, realization of contents adapted to your target, netlinking...). Sytadelle is here to answer your needs and to set up a digital strategy with your help and your validation through monthly meetings. Nothing will be done without your agreement at each step of the process! From its conception to its production, Sytadelle dedicates a team to improve your referencing on search engineswithout excluding you from the adventure with an agile method allowing flexibility and adaptation.
With this work carried out by our teams, Sytadelle offers advertisers ways of obtaining new customers and building loyalty. Working with a company that is an expert in search engine optimization allows us to have a specialized point of view. We have experience in developing a strategy tailored to the companies that use our services. The objective is to create a tailor-made solution because the natural referencing of your company on search engines is inevitably dependent on your activity, the competition, the target or the market as a whole. Calling upon a specialist of natural referencing on Google like Sytadelle, it is consequently the possibility of benefiting from recommendations and advice to be able to develop the image of the company.

How Sytadelle improves your positioning and your natural referencing on Google


Technological watch on SEO according to Google guidelines and new developments (Mobile First, voice search, etc.), optimization and technical upgrade of the website if needed; improvement of website performance and speed.

Optimize Performance


Keyword management, research of new keywords and adjustment of the positioning on keywords according to the competitive intelligence; removal of the positioning on the least relevant keywords (obsolescence of the terms, competition become too strong, etc). Creation of pages according to the activity, writing of contents for the Internet users by taking into account the constraints of the engine, setting on line for optimization of the positioning of the Internet site on keywords (a page=a keyword in SEO); management of the duplicate content.

Optimize Content


Creation of backlinks (external links), competitive intelligence and management of existing backlinks (checking for Google penalties, removal of dead links, etc.); creation of internal links with optimized anchors.

Optimize Netlinking

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The expertise of a company specialized in natural referencing like Sytadelle cannot be improvised. It necessarily requires a constant watch and a sharp know-how in SEO to achieve concrete results on search engines. It is necessary to follow the news to use the most recent SEO techniques, optimize the website and increase the visibility of your company on search engines. Contacting an SEO expert is also the insurance of an optimal referencing on search engines on the long term. Do not hesitate to ask us for a free and non-binding quote to get an opinion and an idea of the expertise of our company.