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Improve the popularity of your website

This is the third component that we consider essential in the implementation of an SEO strategy. To build a quality netlinking strategy, it is necessary to carry out a long work upstream which Sytadelle takes care of within the framework of its SEO service. Netlinking will allow you to obtain backlinks or inbound links pointing to a specific page of your website to promote. The objective is of course to improve its visibility and its natural referencing on search engines.
Have you ever heard about the popularity of your website? With the content and the technichal aspect, it is the third essential component to a good referencing on Internet. Sytadelle proposes you to set up a netlinking strategy with the creation of backlinks towards the pages of your site.

It is an off-page referencing technique that will allow you to improve and increase the positioning and, consequently, the visibility of your website on search engines like Google. Simply remember that the more quality inbound links you have, and this last term is important, to the pages of your website, the more chances they will be well positioned in search engines on given queries.
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What is a netlinking strategy?

Where it gets complicated, apart from the time-consuming implementation of such a strategy, is that it is to identify the means and the method that will allow you to obtain quality backlinks. There are several ways to do it, some more virtuous than others necessarily favored by Google which does not forget to penalize sites that would use artificial means to achieve a better referencing.
The starting principle is always the same: succeed in gaining quality inbound links, or also called backlinks, on other sites with high authority in order to make your website rise in the SERPs or search engine results pages. The inbound link is always a hyperlink that will point to a page on your site. In this context, it can be a link in a blog article, in a general or specialized directory, on an e-commerce site. The more the site on which you will have a link to one of your pages, will have a strong authority, measurable with tools like SEO Majestic or MOZ, the better it will be for your popularity. Other criteria can of course define the quality of a backlink. Is it placed in a hot area of the website, what is the nature of the anchor text, is it a link placed in a forum comment that could then be considered as spam, is the site on which you have a link to your site in the same theme as yours, etc.?
Let's take an example: you offer food delivery via your website. To improve its visibility and promote your different pages (menus, cards, recipes, etc.), you will have to get in touch with high authority sites to offer them a unique content related to your activity. In this content, you will be able to insert a link to your brand, to your menu or to a recipe. It could be in a blog specialized on cooking, in a directory listing the best delivery services, in an article on a general media that would talk about the fashion of food delivery during the current period etc. It is therefore a question of identifying the right opportunities and seizing them to improve the referencing of your different pages. For example, your incoming link will be better considered if it is in the editorial part of the site with a precise text anchor on your field of activity rather than in the header, in the footer or in the middle of other partner sites with a text anchor "click here" or "more information on the site".

More precisely, in order to optimize its natural referencing, the incoming links must be of quality. Ideally, these links should be present on a page that is already an authority in the search engines (trusted site with a large audience), benefiting from a good seniority. Sites related to the theme of your page to promote on which the anchors will be optimized to describe the best possible destination page. Prefer backlinks in "Follow" rather than "NoFollow" if you have this choice so that search engine robots can identify and follow them.
Also diversify your external sources on which your backlinks are present. It will always be better to have 10 incoming links coming from ten different sources than from one. It is all this work of analysis, of identification of the best backlinks that Sytadelle proposes to realize within the framework of its SEO service before the application or the production of the strategy. Because identifying the right sources to place relevant inbound links is one thing, but to concretize that and succeed in placing backlinks is another.

How to get quality inbound links to optimize your SEO?

Sytadelle does not reinvent the wheel and relies on Google Guidelines to identify the best possible inbound links or backlinks in relation to your activity and to set up the most natural netlinking strategy possible. This is indeed a necessary condition for a successful netlinking strategy that will prevent you from being penalized by Google in case of too artificial links. This is what we commonly call in SEO "Grey Hat" or "Black Hat" strategies to distinguish them from the "White Hat" strategy, the only one to follow in order not to risk being penalized by Google or other search engines and which consists in creating backlinks in a natural way.
To do this, Sytadelle already relies on metrics that can determine the quality and authority of a site or a domain name like yours or like those that are likely to interest you to claim an incoming link. The CitationFlow is a metric that calculates the popularity of a website. The more inbound links you have to your site, the higher its CitationFlow, popularity and influence. However, this is not enough to determine the quality of a site, as its authority must also be taken into account. The TrustFlow, another metric, allows to measure it since it takes into account the quality of the backlink that points to your site. You will have understood that the lower the ratio CitationFlow/TrustFlow, the more chances your site will have to benefit from quality backlinks and consequently to be better ranked in the results presented by search engines to their users.

The netlinking techniques used

There are many techniques to try to add an incoming link if you have already succeeded in determining the sites on which you would like to appear. Sytadelle uses those which guarantee you a better positioning in search engines like Google. They have proven themselves. Here are some of them (non exhaustive list):


It is the most known and the easiest to set up since it depends only on you or on Sytadelle if you have decided to trust us for the implementation of your global netlinking strategy. To put it simply, it is about writing quality content that is relevant to your theme so that links are generated thanks to the exclusive information you have or the originality of your article. In other words, a unique content that distinguishes you from the competition and that brings a real added value to other sites in your theme will be your best asset. The creation of an editorial strategy to better define the themes and topics that you will address will be essential. Linkbaiting is therefore really linked to your content strategy for which Sytadelle also offers its services. What would be the point of offering linkbaiting without optimizing or managing your content? Sytadelle has in its ranks professional writers to ensure an original and unique content and thus improve de facto linkbaiting.

The internal mesh

This is perhaps the basis for the future success of your netlinking strategy: your internal linking. Charity begins at home and this expression fits well with netlinking. Have you ever thought that some of the incoming links to some of your pages could come from your own website? Optimized internal links, we can talk about internal meshing, allow search engine robots to navigate more easily between your pages, to explore them longer and thus to understand the logic and meaning behind them. Optimize the texts of your anchors, use the semantic cocoon technique to link your different pages together. Do not overdo the number of links, focus on the keywords that you consider essential in your business.

Guest blogging

This is another very used technique that allows you to gain quality backlinks if you spend a little time. The idea is to establish contacts with bloggers or influencers on the same or similar themes as yours in order to offer them a content exchange. It's a win-win partnership since you will write a unique content on your website talking about the activity of this blogger or influencer and he will do the same in an article on his website. However, there are variations to allow you to benefit from an inbound link without necessarily writing an article or a post about him. You can for example offer him merchandise or a service in exchange for a quality backlink.

The social backlink

Even if an incoming link coming from a social network will always be in "NoFollow" and, therefore, less interesting than a "Follow" link, this does not mean less interesting than a link in " Follow ", it does not mean that Google does not take into account that Google does not take it into account. It is therefore interesting to rely on such a strategy to optimize your netlinking. And then, think that some readers who see your original posts on social networks will probably want to share them on one of the share them on one of their blogs or via forums. A good social backlinking strategy strategy can allow you to get some extra natural backlinks.
Sytadelle offers to establish and implement a netlinking strategy as part of its service tailored to your website by already taking into account the existing via an audit. Ask us for a free and non-binding quote for an SEO service.