Optimize your natural referencing

Improve your performance & your referencing

This is one of the three components that we consider essential in SEO: the technical optimization of your site to optimize its performance and, at the same time, improve its positioning on your favorite search engine.
It is one of the three pivots for a good natural referencing of a website with the content and popularity or backlinking. And we are not talking about "unnatural" techniques (usually described as black hat) that would boost the SEO of your site, but about performance. Without going into details, the Google algorithm currently takes into account some 200 criteria to try to order a ranking and propose them via the search engine in response to a given query. Among these 200 criteria, some are more influential than others, and some are also better known than others. It is therefore important to identify all the technical problems, whatever they may be, during an audit phase and to correct them. To implement the best possible strategies by following the best practices recommended by... Google!

At Sytadelle, we take care of all the technical part with our developers to optimize your website, not without forgetting to put you in the loop, because the technical part can be tedious and long. You will always be informed of the evolution of the situation and of our actions through monthly meetings.
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Eliminate blocking factors

In terms of SEO, it will first be a question of finding the blocking factors to a good referencing of your shop window on the web. Have you first declared your domain name to Google, via the tools like Search Console that it provides you with so that it can index it or the equivalents for other search engines like Bing? This is the simplest question at the technical level, the most obvious and essential, of course. From this question, we will audit everything to start from the existing and propose technical improvements to optimize the performance of your site and improve its ranking on search engines.
Google must have access to your website as easily as possible to explore its content and then propose it to its users according to their requests and needs. In bulk and non-exhaustive list since SEO requires anyway a constant watch, but in the form of a checklist to which you will have access during the service, we can make you become Mobile Friendly and compatible with the Mobile Index First, but also check and optimize your "robots.txt" file, locate and / or customize your 404 pages, add a breadcrumb trail, improve the structure of your URLs, the tree structure of the website and the navigation. It is clear that between two competitors with equal content and popularity on the same market, Google will always put forward the one that is faster, more fluid and whose offer is clearer. Remember: Google wants above all to satisfy the user's problem by offering what it considers to be the optimal solution. It is therefore necessary to do everything possible to put them in their little shoes when they explore your portal, blog or e-commerce site.
These technical improvements can often not be done by developers who go into the code of your website to make certain changes and this is why Sytadelle puts its team of developers at your disposal. When you subscribe to the Sytadelle offer, you benefit from the beginning of the commitment to a team totally dedicated to your project and able to be efficient throughout the production chain.

Performance gain = Position gain

And if you value a team of developers you know well, we can also work with them to reduce the budget in terms of resources because an SEO service is always a long-term affair. Improving the SEO of a website takes time, especially in highly competitive markets where some brands with high popularity have been in the top positions for a long time. On the other hand, certain technical points do not require increased redundancy in terms of workload. A simple check is necessary for some of them, also depending on the alert signals transmitted by the Google Search Console and any new information revealed by Google or by the strategic watch carried out by Sytadelle is integrated as quickly as possible by the Sytadelle team. The optimization of the "robots.txt" file or the submission of sitemaps to Google are normally done only once (except obvious errors in the sitemap).
Even if the workload does not stop there for the SEO of your website, the uniqueness of most of the technical tasks offer the possibility and the capacity to Sytadelle to work on the optimization of your criteria "On page" with the creation and the organization of contents and your criteria "Off page" with the popularity or the netlinking.