Digital mastery and excellence

Technology at the service of your projects

Which technologies are best suited to your projects? Sytadelle offers you not only engineering expertise but also their ad hoc implementation.

Find here some of the technologies that Sytadelle's teams master in order to successfully manage your projects, whether in terms of engineering or development.

Web & Javascript

Essential in user interfaces (UI), but also on servers (SSR, Pre-Rendering, Isomorphism), Javascript (JS) technologies are the guarantee of a successful user experience (UX).
logo Node JS
logo React
logo Next JS
logo Material UI
logo Angular
logo VueJS
logo Bootstrap
logo Typescript
And also : Meteor, VulcanJS, Helmet, Quill, Razzle, React Admin...

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications, or Mobile Apps, are application software designed for mobile electronic devices such as PDAs, cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, touch tablets or some computers running Windows or Chrome OS.
logo Androïd
logo Google Play
logo iOS
logo Apple Store
logo React Native
logo Androïd Studio
logo XCode
logo Expo


Led by Microsoft, but now open and open source (.Net Core), .Net technologies are widely established for building applications on any platform in C#, Visual Basic and F#.
logo .NET Core
logo .NET Framework
logo EntityFramework Core
logo C#
logo Azure
logo Microsoft IIS
logo Identity Server 4
logo Swagger

AI & Python

Artificial intelligence is a set of theories and methods used to create machines capable of mimicking intelligence. Python is an interpreted, multi-paradigm and multi-platform programming language. It supports structured, functional and object-oriented imperative programming.
logo Python
logo Tensorflow
logo PyTorch
logo Keras
logo Theano
logo Django
logo Scikit-learn
logo Dataiku
logo Celeri


Cloud computing is the provision of on-demand resources and services via the web. This means that data is stored and accessed on the Internet and not on your computer's hard drive. The storage is not local, but on a medium and only accessible online.
logo Azure
logo AWS
logo OVH
logo Docker
logo Kubernetes
logo Alibaba Cloud

Big Data & databases

Big Data refers to a very large set of data on which no traditional database or ordinary information management tool can really work. The database allows the storage and retrieval of all the raw data or information related to a subject or an activity; they can be of different types and more or less interconnected.
logo PostgreSQL
logo SQL Server
logo Spark
logo Hadoop
logo Cassandra
logo KairosDb
logo MongoDb


An operating system is a set of programs that control the use of computer resources by application software.
logo Windows
logo Linux
logo ubuntu
logo Androïd
logo iOS


DevOps is the contraction of the English terms 'Developer' and 'Operations'. The term 'Operations' should be understood in the sense of 'Operation', i.e. the daily functioning of an application provided by a developer.
logo Azure DevOps
logo Git