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Our SEO audits consist of several main parts: keyword and content audits, popularity audits, competition audits, technical audits. The result of their work is a complete report with a list of optimizations that can be implemented the next day. If you are interested, please contact our services!
An SEO audit allows you to determine if a website is SEO friendly. This analysis will allow us to identify the blocking points in order to make recommendations and thus create a healthy basis for the referencing of your website. The SEO audit also allows us to identify possible sanctions imposed by Google following various implementations on your part or the update of these different algorithms (Google Penguin, Panda, etc.).

This will ensure a better positioning on the different search engines (Google, Bing, Qwant, etc.). This better positioning of your pages will naturally lead to a better visibility and thus to an increase in traffic, which could potentially increase the turnover generated by your site.

Audit by Keywords

This step aims to identify precisely the most relevant keywords for the company's activity, as well as the way in which Internet users search for information related to this activity. Then comes the phase of assigning the selected keywords to each page of your site in a coherent and relevant way.

Audit of the pages and content of the site

Allows you to guarantee the coherence of your site's tree structure, the various meta tags, the semantic structure, as well as to identify duplicate content.

Technical Audit

It consists of checking the technical elements necessary for a good indexation of your site, such as an optimized sitemap, an updated robot.txt, a good management of redirects or HTTPS compliance. This site survey will also allow you to identify areas where performance can be improved, such as loading time.

UX analysis (user experience)

Consists in evaluating the availability of your site. It is necessary to study elements such as the level of mastery of navigation (in the case of e-commerce sites).

Analysis of netlinking and tags

For example, you should be careful to avoid too many links on the site. Your site's internal network should also be optimized in a consistent and reasonable manner.

As you have understood, an SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis that gives you an overview of the health of your website. These analyses allow you to identify the main areas for improvement and prioritize them for a set of actions to sustain your online business.