Study, design and implement

You need a global study on an industrial project you have in mind? Sytadelle offers you to carry it out from A to Z or rather from the design and studies to its realization and its setting in production.
Any work, equipment, product or development requires research before it can be implemented or be implemented or designed. Sytadelle therefore offers to carry out these studies upstream for its its customers.
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Consulting in design and studies

Sytadelle's role now also extends to technological consulting. Sytadelle acts as integrator of all the services required for production and assumes overall responsibility for these of these operations.

Our task is to examine, design, build and control all or part of the structure or structure or industrial element. Sytadelle can design a product as well as a prototype. Our company develops these projects and ensures that the objectives of its that the objectives of its customers are reached during the construction and the production by by specialized companies. In addition, Sytadelle brings together professionals with different profiles and to take on different missions for its clients.
Its first role is of course to advise on decision-making, to detect a market for example, to plan project tools or to carry out a feasibility study to meet the needs of its client. It goes without saying that this is an essential first step for the smooth running of a new project and its future success.

Design of works

After consulting, Sytadelle enters the design phase, which is the creative phase of an engineering project. It can be broken down into five stages, all of which are equally essential. The objective is obviously to meet the client's needs by considering the multiple constraints. Documented by the engineer to allow their understanding, these five steps are the following:
  • Needs analysis

  • The development of the concept

  • The preliminary design

  • The detailed design

  • The synthesis

Management, control and assistance

Once the work has been designed, Sytadelle also takes charge of the project management and coordination of the project, as well as all related resources, whether in terms of related resources, whether in terms of financing, skills, know-how, equipment or even personnel.

However, Sytadelle's mission does not end at this stage. The engineering service naturally also includes monitoring the construction of the work. of the work. Does it conform to the design? Does it respect the costs or even the deadlines initially planned?

Finally, the production of the work, the training of the personnel, its delivery, operation and maintenance are all points that fall under a final aspect of the the last aspect of the engineering service: assistance.
Do not hesitate to contact us for your project, we will be delighted to study it with you and to offer you a free estimate without obligation.